Products Liability

For decades, RRD has successfully represented manufacturers, distributors and sellers of products in civil lawsuits. The firm has defended clients with respect to a variety of products including asbestos, DES, automobiles, seatbelt/restraint systems, bead seater/tire equipment, firearms, brake grinding machines, boilers and water heaters, miter and circular saws, power tools, ladders, industrial equipment, protective clothing, household appliances, and hazardous substances. In addition, we defend breach of warranty claims resulting from the sale of food products and plant material.

We understand that in order to properly defend a product liability claim an attorney must thoroughly understand the product involved. For that reason, we work closely with our clients to learn as much as possible about the design and manufacturing processes, often visiting manufacturing plants when warranted. In addition, we aggressively analyze opportunities for risk transfer through vendors endorsements, indemnity agreements and other available strategies in order to minimize the defense and indemnity costs incurred by our clients.